Best Headphone for PUBG

10 Best Headphone for PUBG In 2020

Just like other online games, PUBG is also getting famous nowadays and gaming lovers would love to discuss PUBG everywhere and share their experience.

It is said that to be a gamer you should know where your enemy stands and to locate his position you must be fully prepared in this game. So, you can track your enemy for attack with the noise and can get aware of it also if you use the best headset for PUBG.

Unlike other games, PUBG not only requires action but also some noise and the fun fact is that you can communicate with other players while playing.

Sharing your tricks and requesting some action when you are in a serious game is fun. But for all those, you must be equipped with good quality gadgets. You must have heard it that PUBG is an addictive game, yes it is and you can rock it if you are guided right. 

The thing which makes it addictive is the whole gaming surrounding based on every mission and when you win the match along with other people from different places, it gives you another level of enjoyment and connectivity.

If you think you can compromise on sound factors, then don’t because I will help you in picking the best headset for you with amazing features. I will also make sure that the following headsets will be cost-effective and you will not regret buying it.

1: Philips Audio Philips SHP9500 HiFi Precision Stereo Over-Ear Headphones

Philips Audio is a reliable pair of headset. Its amazing features make it different from the other headsets and the very reasonable price range. 

Other than that it has a sturdy design and likeable sound which makes it very comfortable to be used. Some of its amazing features are listed below.

  • Design

The comfort factor is dependent on the design feature of the headset. It the design of your headset makes you comfortable then it is an amazing design.

The design of Philip Audios offers excellent comfort due to the double-layered headband padding and you can wear it for an extended period without any doubt because it has an ear cushion that supports longer wearing comfort. 

Well, it can be said that these are well-constructed headset having a professional yet sturdy design so, do not compromise on poor design and grab Philips audio for great comfort.

  • Sound

The 50 mm neodymium driver is designed to offer maximum sound and precision at all frequencies. We considered the sonic nature of the SHP9500 to be midrange-centric. It certainly would not mean that the headphones will not be able to deal well with the drops and peaks. 

These are the best headset for PUBG mobile. Philip Audio offers a great bass. This factor could make a couple of bass heads feel like the headphones don’t have a punch. They do their best to prevent needless coloring of the voice. 

Most pleased owners have discovered that they perform extremely well for home music practice, like piano and percussion. Hence, Philip Audios offers great sound along with the great design.

  • Quality

Other than design and sound we are also very certain about the quality of Philip audios. The incredible quality of this headset makes it good for outdoor use also. 

You can take this headset with you and can ignore the annoying sound in the surrounding by putting it on. You can get rid of unwanted noise and resonance by using Philip audios.

These Headphones packed in a convenient mesh bag. The cable is kept separately to keep the headphones from rubbing. The optional connector is still on the cord.

2: RUNMUS Stereo Gaming Headset

Isn’t it amazing that the product you want is affordable in price and also has the best features and good quality? Just like that Runmus Stereo headset has so much to offer at a cheap price. This is a budget-friendly good looking headset with some incredible features and great durability.

  • Design

Gamers would prefer easy to wear headsets or in particular PUBG players because they have to wear it throughout the game. A player cannot communicate without having a headset.

The comfy ear pads of Runmus stereo will not cause any hindrance in your game it allows you to take your game to the next level. These are well-padded and very cushiony to keep your ears well-protected. 

A decent layer of padding is also applied to the headband such that the back of the head does not experience any pain. The headband is very adjustable and can be changed appropriately to find the best match for you.

  • Sound

The audio performance of Runmus is also very good. It is a headset with the good sound quality required for gaming. The bass tone is a little louder than any normal headphones should have heard. This fits well with action-packed games featuring plenty of explosions or noisy noises. 

Of note, the headphone is always useful for certain sports. If you want to communicate properly with your other partners in a game then you have to use it in an area where there is no noise in the background. It cannot help you in canceling background noises which is a little drawback of it.

  • Quality

The Runmus K8 arrives with an Omni-directional noise-canceling feature. Although any artificial noise can be eliminated, the amplifier, sadly, still picks up quite a number. 

Whether this doesn’t annoy you, if you’re playing without any people in the house, you’re going to love the microphone. In regular situations, the sound of the microphone is generally very strong, and it expresses the voice in a nice manner.

Nothing out of the norm for high-end devices, even for a budget-friendly headset like the K8, it’s pretty uncommon to have 50 mm, dynamic audio drivers.

3: SteelSeries Arctis 7 – Lossless Wireless Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone

SteelSeries Arctis 7 headsets are specially designed for gamers to fulfill their audio needs and to enhance the audio performance. Whether you are a PUBG lover or not these headsets will help you in all your audio fields. 

This wireless headset comes with super amazing features and static design you can get the details below.

  • Design

Slightly different design from other headsets makes it a good looking one. Arctis 7 has a quite sturdy aluminum frame and also has a bendable ski-google like holdup band or suspension band you can say. 

These Headphones get settled easily on slightly offset hinges, with panels with a matt finish and provides total comfort. The strap is secure and elastic, adding just the right amount of pressure to hold the headset on an ear. 

It just needs a few minutes to get settle on your ear and then you can enter the intense zone of your battle in PUBG.

  • Sound

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 provides fairly decent audio quality, with reasonable clarity across frequencies. It improves power, though not quite as much as any of the console headsets. 

There’s also a little de-emphasis of about 1,500Hz in the middle. In a game, this ensures that big explosion noises may be more noticeable, often at the detriment of more subtle forms of sound, such as walking or various background noises.

Music sounds pretty decent on these headphones, although I guess the sounds of strings and certain cymbals might get lost in songs with a lot of basses or ambient noise. The bass line is flowing across clearly.

  • Quality

The quality of Arctis 7 is amazing. Because it is a wireless headset device, that’s why there is another factor you should consider while buying these headsets is their battery life which makes quality great.

The battery life of Arctis 7 seems good as it lasts for 16 hours and 32 minutes, although you can make it to more if you are not a loud sound person. It offers both wired and wireless options that choose connectivity. 

Just like the design it also doesn’t lack quality and helps you score well in gaming. I hope that which Bluetooth headphone is best for PUBG? Confusion has been solved now.

4: BENGOO Gaming Headset

Bengoo gaming headset won in all fields of audio because of their substantial features and specs they offer. Particularly these are gaming headset but you can easily use them in your daily life as well for the decent volume and audio. 

The advancement in specs and sound make it favorable and attractive. These are the best gaming headset under $40.

  • Design

This headset is ergonomically built with Superior supportive and nice over-eared air protein sheets. Soft leatherette ear cups for long gaming sessions without fatigue. Then there’s an elastic headband where any player has the right comfort to carry. 

It features the rotatable ear cups of soft padding that can be adjusted to fit different sizes. The flexible cylindrical tensile head brace is more durable and secure than the regular headband.

This lightweight material is built for a pressure-free fit that won’t sweat your skin. In hot weather, you will most certainly have to disinfect the earmuffs with a wet wipe when you are finished using the headset

  • Sound

The sound quality of the Bengoo G9000 goes above the minimum appropriate to be described as a decent gaming headset for Mac, PS4 and Xbox One. It’s a stereo headphone that uses 40 mm neodymium drivers and delivers a decent amount of noise. 

Whether you’re a lover of bass-heavy music styles, if you enjoy seeing blasts in shooters loud and simple, you’re going to fall for a punchy sound. 

Bengoo mic efficiently delivers the sound to the other person may be your teammate and you don’t have to shout loud in your room to aware of your partner about the attack. The mic also cancels the unnecessary background noise.

  • Quality

The G9000 is remarkably powerful for gaming as well as for the computer. It’s an over-ear headset of high quality that comes with standard volume control buttons and blue LEDs. 

Keep this in mind that if you choose to use an earlier variant of the Xbox One device, you would need to buy a different adapter but for PUBG you don’t.

If you attach the headset to your computer and wish to hear audio and use the microphone at the same time, you may need to use a splitter cord. However, Bengoo offers a quality headset with amazing volume at an affordable price.

5: HyperX Cloud Alpha S – PC Gaming Headset

Here we have an amazing audio device for you. HyperX loud comes up with some impressive functions and specs you would love to know about. 

Either you buy an expensive headset or a cheap one, quality is always a priority. HyoerX loud is a high-quality headset at a low price.

  • Design

Alpha has a stunning design. There’s a lightweight faux-leather headband, a durable plastic frame, and a steel bar that ties it together. 

This time around, HyperX has painted the perimeter with metallic-blue highlights instead of red ones, and I’m frankly shocked that we can’t see more blue gaming peripheries. 

This is an amazingly sleek feel. Its ergonomic design makes it very easy to wear and without any frustration, you can wear or remove it. Alpha is best in its features and a functional headset for gaming

You should also switch out the ear cups, in Alpha. And as before, that’s hurt. There’s a leatherette set and a foam set, and all of them are nice.

  • Sound 

Since the Cloud Alpha S has a 3.5 mm interface and a streamlined build, taking this headphone on your way to listen to music on the go is very feasible. But the headphone doesn’t handle music very well, which undercuts the likelihood a little. 

The treble-heavy soundscape is working well for many gamers. Cloud Alpha S has about all right in play. 

The findings have been satisfactory. Audio looked smooth and tidy in GreedFall, and positional audio will help you locate your enemies in Overwatch. Sound effects, voice work, and orchestral scores have all come out loud and simple in every video.

  • Quality

The Cloud Alpha S, as compared to its previous models, is a very convenient headset. You’re almost guaranteed to find a combination that fits for you between the two separate sets of ear cups and the notched headband. 

The ear cups don’t pinch too tightly, except for those of us who wear glasses, and the lined headband stops the system from getting too cumbersome. Hence, Alpha is a lightweight headset you can use for your PUBG game and can easily wear it for long stretches.

6: Sennheiser GSP 300 Gaming Headset

GSP 300 is not only a gaming headset but a mixture of so many amazing functions and features that will blow your mind. It is for PUBG players who want a portable commodity that is perfect for music, gaming, and talk. It blends an extremely reputable style with a good audio output, which stays lightweight and convenient for a long period.

  • Designs

The GSP 300 is a somewhat lightweight pair of speakers, with a relatively small footprint whenever the microphone is not in use. The headset adopts a two-tone look, with some blue highlights complementing the grey body color. 

It’s a nice looking piece of equipment, and while its plastic structure isn’t the most comfortable on the planet, it looks well-built and is willing to tolerate a touch of roughness and dizziness.

The upper part of the fabric is the cover of preference, with lots of insulation making for a snug fit that doesn’t strain itself on your eyes. This tends to get a little hot and sweaty during long gaming sessions.

  • Sound 

Audio output may be a little hit and missing in this price point, however, luckily, GSP 300 performs in both cases. There is a variety of nuances in the singing and a deep saturation in the overall sound. 

The GSP 300 wired gaming headset incorporates Sennheiser’s acclaimed sound processing with closed acoustics and increased external noise isolation for the authenticity that your games warrant. 

This also provides improved audio strength and transparency that greatly enhances the in-game listening experience.

  • Quality 

People who would never compromise on quality would go for these headsets, they are of great quality. Luxurious noise-insulating memory foam earpads and flexible split headband minimize friction and offer maximum support for long gaming sessions.

It’s quick to attach the headset. PC users would generally choose to use all 3.5 mm jacks, while console users may choose to use the provided connector to build a single 4.5 mm 3.5 mm jack. 

This attaches directly to the controller on your Xbox One or Play station 4. Console users can feel that the 2 m cable is a little too big, though. Good quality fabrics and comprehensive product development render these headphones robust.

7: Corsair VOID RGB Elite Wireless Premium Gaming Headset

Gaming will be more fun with Corsair headset as these are incredible in their sound volumes and other specs. Other than that Corsair headset also allows you to customize the look with RGB lighting on each ear cup, making for an almost infinite variety of colors and effects.

  • Design

The Corsair Void RGB Elite wireless gaming headset includes a very heavy metal shell, fluffy cotton cushions on the ear cushions, and a band that suits easily for rather large heads. 

All in its architecture is firmly designed. And considering all that, from the moment you will put it on, it will seem like it is hanging by a string. Just mildly sudden twists of the head made it sound like an inch away from the game. 

The fabric-covered ear pads will not make you uncomfortable and you will have the best gaming experience. These are sturdy yet lighter headsets.

  • Sound

Despite the vexatious interface with the iCUE software, Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless gaming is usually quite a good experience. Surround sound is available on the Desktop so the games like PUBG and Fortnite work like magic with it. 

Oddly, it’s not entirely obvious what type of surround sound is being used here, whether it’s Dolby, DTS, or anything similar, but it doesn’t matter. 

No matter where your enemy is going to land, but you can stop them or convey your message to them easily with the great sound quality of Corsair Void RGB. Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless provides very decent audio performance for a computer headset.

  • Quality

Corsair offers such a durable headset that if you use them gently you should not be looking for a headset for years maybe. These are made to last across years of sturdy design gaming and aluminum Yokes.

It doesn’t have any noticeable problems when playing, nor does something that it provides stick out in particular. In brief, you could do a lot worse than this, but if you limit your attention marginally on the things that you like, you might do a lot more. This is a high-quality headset.

8: Logitech G635 DTS, X 7.1 Surround Sound LIGHTSYNC RGB PC Gaming Headset

Top-notch gaming headset with super awesome features and functionality, Logitech headset will provide you great comfort in winning your PUBG battle. There is no chance to compromise on the headset when you are into a serious game. Give a read to some of its features below.

  • Design

Logitech is a well-constructed and attractive looking headset for gamers.G635 is fitted with large-diameter circumaural ear pads which fitfully around the ears and place no direct pressure on soft tissues. 

The ear cups are reusable and hand washable. You can also customize the look of this headset by setting the light which will make it more attractive. Enjoy completely programmable, flexible RGB lighting with G HUB applications. 

Setup lighting to suit your space or your system or let around 16.8 million RGB colors respond to in-game behavior, audio, or color on the computer. Yet Logitech has a good design headset for the gamers out there.

  • Sound

Since Logitech offers an incredible quality of video and along with that other features too which are affecting the sound and enhance your game. It features 6 mm Mic+ is a flip-to-mute boom mic improved for stunningly simple and precise contact. 

The boom has an LED light and you know when your mic is silenced. If not in service, the boom mic turns into the microphone, muting the speaker and rendering it nearly transparent. 

Most of you have the question in your head, does PUBG support Bluetooth headphones? PUBG supports any kind of headphones but Bluetooth headphones are not suitable because they show a delay in sound and it can mess your game.

  • Quality

You’re going to be incredibly relaxed, even during the longest gaming sessions with athletic mesh padding in the ear cups and headband. Do not worry about the quality because it is guaranteed and proved to be great so far. There’s no RGB, but there’s also no buttons and just a volume knob. 

The cups will be a bit heavier on your head, so there won’t so much of oomph on the lower edge. Although you would love that it comes with a 3.5 mm USB adapter because that’s the way you want to put your headphones in.

9: Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 ohm Headphones

Beyerdynamic is the best-designed headset for PUBG with the best build quality.While these won’t offer the Beats treatment to your music, they’re still a good set of headphones to listen to. 

We may not stress any specific field of tone. But you’re always going to face no question jamming out on your couch or wandering around your place.

  • Design

The design of these headphones is almost completely plastic except for the metal band that suspends the ear cups. Still, are these comfortable? 

Thanks to the memory foam padding covered in velour, pulling it over your ears would detach it from your head and put it in an alternative universe where all is ambiguous and lustrous. 

Sure, that is a misunderstanding. It’s just like moving on a smooth surface kind of feeling. Hence, Beyerdynamic headset design provides you maximum comfort and you would not face any problem wearing it on.

  • Sound

However, Sound quality is where the headphones shine, and while they won’t that mind-blowing but they are not completely poor sounding one, we were very pleased when we noticed their price tag. 

In such a price range these are best performing headphones.  They’re right up to the alley when it comes to the low end. They’re not overblown and super heavy, but they sure pump and offer the right amount of focus to the bass hits. 

The weak sub-bass immediately after the chorus usually has enough intensity to rub your head, but that’s not the case here. You also have half of the impact and no bleeding after that to spoil the experience.

  • Quality

The build quality of the Beyerdynamic headset is stunning. Since they are mostly plastic, they are not the most robust containers. Yeah, they’re fairly versatile, so I didn’t have trouble flexing them to reasonably normal positions, but if you chuck them in your pocket so lean on them the wrong direction, I wouldn’t guarantee they would fall out.

Final Words

Well, being honest with you guys after finding so many amazing headsets and reading the specs and functions even I got so confused that which one is the best. So, I am sure it may be a difficult decision for you to pick one best headset for PUBG but it will lead you to the best results.

Finally, to all PUBG players, I want to say that stop compromising on your old and average quality headphones and grab a new one in the good price range for you with high quality and real guarantee. 

I hope these options may help you in selecting a good pair of headset for yourself. Mark my words that if you want to make your game to the next level these will help you in this up to some extent. I will be waiting for your feedback.

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